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8 easy ways to beat the winter blues

The cool temperatures, cozy fires, the holidays, and the beautiful covering of a white snowfall can be wonderful. But, especially as the hustle and bustle of the season settles down, it’s not uncommon to start to feel the strain of winter. You may even begin to feel a bit of the winter blues, which could include feelings of sadness, irritation, or lethargy.

As we inch into February, we’re starting to see the light of spring ahead. But in the meantime, I wanted to share some helpful and practical tips to help you beat the winter blues.

8 Tips to beat the winter blues:

1. Add more Jesus time in your life. He is always ready to listen and to lead you to the right words that will lift your spirits during low times. Let Him help fill your cup up.

2. Take time for you. Sometimes we need to take a bit of time to recharge, especially after a busy holiday season. Do something that will fill your cup back up. It will help give you a new outlook.

3. Add a new plant to your home or workplace. In addition to improving indoor air quality, did you know that by adding a plant into your environment you can improve your mood? Studies show that plants can reduce stress and give you feelings of happiness from their wonderful fragrance. Here’s a few to look for: Basil, Rosemary, Orchards, Peace Lily, or an English Ivy.

4. Get moving. We all know the importance of moving our body, but it’s times when the winter blues set in and we don’t feel like it that make it even more important. Exercise is known to lift mood and to make your brain more sensitive to the hormones to fight off depression. Try not to over think it or fall into the trap of “all or nothing.” Any type of movement can have a positive impact!

5. Add a new favorite song to your playlist - one that is uplifting and fun! Studies have shown that music indeed triggers an emotional and psychological response. It’s known that we can take on the emotions of a song, so choose wisely, and make it something that will make you smile and energize you!

6. Bring some laughter into your laughter into your life. Sometimes we can start to take ourselves too seriously and we need to step out of our life and join someone else’s for a bit. Stream a favorite comedy on Netflix, or pick up a book that’s known to make people laugh! When I need a good laugh, my favorite book series to turn to is, the Stephanie Plum novels by, Janet Evanovich. Start with “One for the Money.” You’ll love it!

7. Do something creative! According to a recent study, engaging in creative activities contributes to an “upward spiral” of positive emotions, psychological well-being and feelings of “flourishing” in life.

8. Reach out to a friend. Sometimes all we need to do is “talk it out” and know that we’re not alone in our winter blues. Chances are many around you are feeling the same and by sharing that it will lift the heavy feeling from both of you.

I hope that these suggestions are helpful! Give one or all eight a try now or anytime of year. It’s always important to be tending to our emotional and mental health. If you’re finding that your feelings of the “winter blues” are extreme or not manageable, please reach out to a professional healthcare provider. There are lots of resources out there to help you!

Blessings to you and your family,


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