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A Holistic treatment option for mental illness: Q & A: Dr. Ben Sevlie

I'm so excited to share this Q and A with all of you today. When I was seeking treatment for my anxiety and depression, I wish I would have known about this treatment option. It's always great to add more tools to your tool box to bring you to optimal health.

I have personally been a patient at Dr. Ben's office for over six months. I have loved my experience at the clinic and have always felt so cared for. One of my favorite parts of being a patient at Apex Family Chiropractic is that Dr. Ben produces a weekly newsletter to teach all of his patients about different aspects of health and that is what prompted this post. I hope you enjoy and learn something new!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been a chiropractor and where do you practice? 

My name is Dr. Benjamin Sevlie, I own and operate Apex Family Chiropractic in beautiful Apple Valley Minnesota. I am married to the most amazing wife, Laci, and we have two little girls Liberty and Brooklyn with another little one on the way!  

2. What treatment method do you practice? Why did you choose that specific method? 

I use Torque Release Technique (TRT). Why I chose Torque Release Technique is because I felt like there had to be a deeper understanding of why and what to adjust than what I was taught in chiropractic college with the traditional technique. Torque Release Technique has been a total game changer because it focuses on the nervous system and how our bodies are able to adapt. Addressing the cause of issues instead of just dealing with recurring symptoms. It is also very gentle, with none of the twisting, cracking, and popping.

3. How common (generally speaking) is it for you to see patients suffering with mental health disorders?

Extremely common, over 75% of the people we see struggle or have struggled with anxiety, depression, ADD or ADHD. 

4. How can chiropractic care help with mental health issues? 

Really what it comes down to is the Nervous System and Stress. Page 4 of Grays Anatomy says the nervous system (our brain and spinal cord) control every cell, organ and tissue in our bodies. The thing is that our nervous system can be in one of two states at any given point in time. The Flight or Flight State (Sympathetic) or Resting and Healing State (Parasympathetic). We should be in the Resting and Healing State 70-80% or our lives! I don’t know about you, but myself personally, I don’t even get close. The National Institute for Health came out with a statement that 90% of ALL health issues relate back to stress. So what does neurologically based chiropractic do? Shift your body into a more resting, healing and balanced state, where it can deal with stressors that arise in our lives. Because the fact of the matter is that stress isn't going to go away. I have two little daughters and an incredible wife who I love dearly, but they still can cause stress! 

5. Are there any self-care exercises that you could recommend to people who may be suffering with mental health issues? 

1. You need to move! Movement is key because 90% of our brains stimulation and nutrition comes from spinal motion. Whether it's running, yoga or biking movement is huge! 

2. Meditation/Quiet Time, Starting the day with prayer and gratitude. Everyday setting your day up for success before it starts,

3.  Eat Real Food. If you can't read it, or if the label has words with a bunch of hyphens probably best not to eat it.

6. Is there anything else you would like to add on this topic?

There is now some really awesome new technology that you can use to find out how your body is dealing with stress! HRV (heart rate variability) allows you to see if your nervous system is in a balanced, resting, healing state or a fight and flight state. It also shows you how much your body is able to recharge when you are resting. More research is coming out all the time about how calming down the nervous system can help people cope better with anxiety, depression, ADD and ADHD. We are super passionate about helping you reach your highest health potential! If there are any questions you'd like answered about stress and the nervous system I'm always available. My personal email is

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