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Wellness Wednesday: The one essential oil I can't live without

I have to admit, when essential oils first hit the market and took social media by storm, I had my doubts. I didn’t think that something not prescribed by a doctor could actually have much effect. But, when I was in the depths of my postpartum anxiety/depression, I was seriously willing to try anything. Not only did I try oils, I fell in love with one specific blend and I continue to use it today (three years later). Let me introduce you to: DoTerra Clary Calm.

This magic little roller provides me with so much relief. It helps me not only during my menstrual cycle, but during the entire month. Whenever I can feel my mood dipping or I’m feeling particularly sluggish, I roll this oil onto the insides of my wrist and I feel better within the hour. When I experience terrible menstrual cramps I apply this oil to my stomach and the cramps subside, without the use of any ibuprofen or Tylenol.

I know this is a bold statement, but in addition to all of the wonderful emotional and physical effects, I really believe it helped my fertility as well. Consistently using Clary Calm was the only thing I did differently from when we were trying to get pregnant with Owen (who took over 12 months to conceive), and August (who took only two months to conceive). I haven’t done any scientific tests on this, but I know that it didn’t hurt :)

If you're experiencing any of the inconvenient women symptoms that so many of us do, I highly encourage you to give this roller a try (this is not an ad). I just wish that I would have known about it so much sooner!

I hope this blesses you today!


Three things I'm grateful for:

- My mother, Vick.

- My father, Peeps.

- My pup, Lucy :)

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