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You are enough

I’m so incredibly proud to share today’s guest blog post from my Goddaughter Carly Campbell. Carly has a beautiful soul and an incredible faith in our Lord. Carly is wise for her years, at 19 years old, she asked me if she could share a message that was weighing on her heart. Of course I was more than happy to make this happen. Carly, thank you for opening your heart with us and sharing this wisdom and encouragement with us today. You are beautiful, you are enough, and I love you more than you will ever know. If this isn’t motivation for your Monday I don’t know what would be.


Happy Monday! Monday’s don’t get enough credit. Most people barely get through a Monday without many caffeinated reinforcements, but I think Monday’s should be viewed as a new start. If you start your week out with a negative attitude because it’s Monday, how can you expect to have a good attitude about the rest of the week? I feel like everyone, myself included, seems to try to get through the week, without fully appreciating what every day has to offer. I’ve found that having something you look forward to every day of every week, helps you appreciate the day for what it’s worth.

Hi, I’m Carly Campbell, and I’m sure you’ve guessed that I am this week’s guest writer. I feel honored to get to share some of my thoughts with you all today. A couple things about me, I’m Jenna’s niece, she’s more like an older sister, but technically my aunt. I’m a sophomore, pre-pharmacy student at South Dakota State University, but Minnesota will always have my heart! I’m incredibly passionate about healthcare and medicine, I’ve always felt this way but recently this has been even more confirmed for me. Jenna has eloquently written a post about what my family has gone through regarding my mom’s diagnosis. I had always struggled with what I wanted to specialize in, but I think this part of God’s plan is leading me to hopefully contribute to an oncology pharmacy in the future.

Today, I want to talk about your worth. Wherever you are at in your life right now, I hope this post can meet you at a good place and reassure you that you are worth more than you’ll ever know. First, let’s look at the word “enough”. Who is to say what’s “enough”? Think about that, everyone is going to have a different interpretation of what they deem as enough. So why would you let them decide your worth? We as people HAVE to stop letting the irrelevant validation of others consume us. I know that is so easier said than done, (I am the first one to admit that I do this), but it’s exhausting and I’m sure you can agree with me. Having to be smart enough, pretty enough, funny enough, etc. all of the time drains a person. The feeling of having to prove yourself to your friends, classmates, co-workers, and family members is enough in itself, but making a mistake on top of it makes you feel even worse. I’ll tell you this right now, people that make you feel like you’re not good enough are not your friends. They are not people you should keep in your circle, because who wants that negativity? Instead of lashing out, pray for them, they obviously could use some guidance and love themselves. Who put this notion in our minds that we have to validate who we are as people to other people? God made each of us because He knows everything we are capable. He knows our goals, our dreams and they’re there for a reason.

You are incredible, and you will do incredible things that you can’t even imagine are feasible right now. This is because God doesn’t make mistakes, remember that. In His eyes, you are enough. Quite frankly, you are more than enough. You are amazing, you are beautiful, and you are unique. We were all made differently because He has such different plans for each one of us. In order to see your plan, you need to understand that you are worthy of His love, and you are worthy of all the goodness He has in store for you. Open your hearts and open your minds to this idea. Be vulnerable with Him. I know as humans we build walls as coping mechanisms, so we can’t get hurt. However, our God is a good God, and He loves you so much. There is an incredible song by Zach Williams, Fear is Liar, if you haven’t heard this song I would go check it out. This song has made me realize that all of the self-doubt, hurtful words we say about ourselves, and our  insecurities, is literally the devil winning. He knows when you’re weak, he knows when you’re down, and that’s when he attacks you even more. Do not let him win. Know your worth, know your capabilities, and know how strong you are so he doesn’t have an opportunity to try. If you can acknowledge that these thoughts and words are the devil, and not God allowing this to happen you may have a different outlook. That God is not against you, He is your No. 1 fan.

With everything my family has gone through in the last seven months, my relationship with Christ and my feelings about my worth have been a roller coaster. I’m sure all of you have had life altering events happen and it’s so easy to begin asking why is this happening to me? Questioning your faith and everything that you are and that surrounds you. Let me tell you, these events that happen they make you appreciate the little things and the people in your life. Friends turn into family, and family becomes inseparable. I know everyone always says that, but it does.  I challenge you this week (and I’ll hold myself to this too) to thank yourself for being the amazing person you are. To thank God, for choosing you as one of His. I want to end this with a quote my mom shared with me a while ago she said “Darling, you determine your own happiness”. Think about that. YOU determine your own happiness, not your spouse, not your kids, not your friends, but you.

Thank you for letting me share this message with you all. I hope you begin to love yourself a little bit more and appreciate all of your worth.


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