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Simply Centered

A four-week program to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

The Simply Centered program is designed to help you create a healthy lifestyle. that works for you! Find your center with inspiring resources and services that nourish you on and off the plate.

What is Simply Centered?

Simply Centered is a four-week program that uses a holistic approach to create a healthy lifestyle that's simple, achievable, and enjoyable. 

Simply Centered combines our core foundation (nutrition/hydration, movement, and community) and a featured holistic topic to enhance our overall health. This session will focus on our financial health and wellbeing.

Will you join us?

The "Core" three

The foundation of the Simply Centered program is our "Core Three." Daily we focus on nutrition, movement and community. 


  • Our goal is to focus on eating as many whole foods as possible in a day, which is supported by the provided meal plans.

  • Hydration: half of our body weight in ounces. 


  • Our goal is to get movement in every single day, even if it's only 10 minutes. 

  • Workouts and fun, simple ideas to keep you active!


  • Private Facebook group updates and check-ins.

  • Accountability partner assignments (optional)

  • Email support.

Our holistic approach

We believe that to have true health we have to be balanced in all areas of life. If one area is out of balance, that will impact all other areas. For example, say your career is causing you a lot of stress, which is leading you to eating lots of sugary treats, skipping workouts, and not sleeping well. The imbalance is originating from the area of career, but spilling into multiple areas in our circle of life such as health and physical activity. Every session of Simply Balanced will incorporate expert talks to keep our entire well-being in balance.

Our June session will focus on a guest expert in financial health. We will focus on how to empower you to feel healthy and free in your financial life. 

Meet the guest speakers

What to expect

Nutrition & Fitness

  • At the beginning of the program, you will receive all four meal plans that are fully ready to implement with planner, grocery list, and nutritional information.

  • New workouts shared each week. Workouts will vary focusing on cardio or the mind and body connection. 


  • Daily check-ins on the private Facebook page.

  • Accountability partner check-ins (optional). If you choose to have an accountability partner, you can request someone specific, or you will be assigned to someone with a similar communication style.

Guest Speakers

  • Guests speakers highlighting an area in our Circle of Life. In June, we'll be featuring financial health. 

  • All speakers will be recorded in case you can not watch live. 

  • Program participants will have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers prior to the presentation.

What people are saying

"I have loved being a part of the "Simply Centered" program! I had no idea my eating and self care had gotten as bad as it was. With Jenna's delicious meal plans, regular check ins and education I lost 5 pounds right away and my eating, water intake and movement increased, leaving me feeling so much better! My favorite part of this program is that it's incredibly simple, easy to follow and touches on all pieces of my mental and physical well being that I want to make a priority in my life!"

- Abby A. 
Lakeville, MN

"As someone who has tried a lot of different programs and 'diets' and continuously felt frustrated, Jenna's Simply Centered program really grounded my mind around the actual goals for my weight-loss. Her strategy combines research, tactics, and examples of what a healthy lifestyle should look AND feel like without the added stress of feeling deprived. I was surprised how easy and affordable her meal plans were as well as scaling for larger families. I still pull out these recipes when I travel to my parents or in-laws, which helps me feel in control and still provides the whole house with filling and nutritious meals. Simply Centered was not just a four-week program, it is a mindset that I continuously return to when I feel frustrated or overwhelmed."

- Karina C.

Minneapolist, MN

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