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It's in His Timing

Sometimes in life I feel like we get in a rush and inpatient when we think something has to be done at a certain time. I know I felt like this before having Owen. I had it stuck in my head that I wanted to have my first child before I was 30. I don’t know why exactly, but for some reason I decided to add that extra layer of pressure on. All it did was contribute to my anxiety of getting pregnant. Every month that would go by I would think that I’m just that much closer to 30. Now, it seems silly, but at the time it was such a real anxiety of mine.  As soon as I let go of my time table and all of my plans on how I was going to get pregnant, it happened the very next month!

A lot of times, I think these time tables and pressures we inflict on ourselves are more for the outside world than they are for ourselves. We want to be able to portray a certain persona.  It’s satisfying to be able to say, “I had all my babies before I was 35, or I landed that job before I was 40, or I was published before, you enter the age…” There’s always something that we’re striving for and wanting the outside world to be impressed with. But, do you know what’s entirely wrong with that way of thinking? It’s not God’s timing and God’s timing is the absolute best timing we could hope for.

In a recent post, I mentioned my friend Norma that I met at the Christian’s Writing Conference. Norma was a breath of fresh air. She shared her story with me and it again reminded me that it’s all about God’s timing. One night Norma went to bed as usual, but woke up in the middle of the night after a very vivid dream of a wonderful story. She prayed that evening and said to God, “if I remember this story in the morning, Lord, I will write it for You.” Norma remembered her dream and she followed through on her promise. She wrote for three weeks straight and ended up getting her first Christian novel published. That alone is an amazing story of faith, but it’s not the end.

I haven’t told you the incredible part yet. Norma is dyslexic. She told me that at one time in her life she wasn’t able to write a one-page letter, let alone an entire novel. Norma went to great lengths to follow through on her promise to the Lord. She first hand wrote the entire story, then she used a software to type the manuscript, and finally she went back to edit, and then submitted it to publishers. Now, Norma, at 78 years old, is in the middle of writing her second. I bet you anything that if someone would have told Norma even 20 years ago that she would be a published author, she would have laughed them out of the room. But, in God’s timing and with His favor anything is possible.

I share this today, because I find myself on a journey. A journey that’s put me in a place that’s honestly uncomfortable. I’m used to the structure of an institution, with bosses, colleagues, and a bottom line. But, as a consultant and a writer, I don’t have that structure or control. A lot of times I’m on someone else’s schedule, which can be very difficult.

The other day I began to question. Question if I made the right decision, question if I’m strong enough or good enough to step out on my own. Then I remembered sweet Norma. It’s not by coincidence that God sat her next to me at that conference. He put her there to remind me. He reminded me that with hard work and in His timing anything is possible. Friends,  if you find yourself questioning something I hope this encourages you today. I hope that Norma’s story inspires you to know that nothing is impossible and that it’s never too late to conquer that next dream.

Blessings to you and your family,


Three items I’m grateful for:

My babies – they are a daily reminder that miracles happen

My husband – life without him would not be the same.

The journey – it can be painful, but it’s what creates our true character.

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