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7 ways to keep pounds off this summer

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Did you know that summer weight gain is real?

When we think of the seasonality of weight gain, the holidays typically get a bad wrap (for good reason), but weight gain isn't contained only within those winter months. Many of us work hard to look great in all those summer clothes and things can start to fall off the tracks once we're enjoying those summer rays.

Summer is filled with lots of yummy and healthy options, but it's not always easy to make healthy choices when we're out and about. There's decadent fruity drinks, pasta salads, chips, ice cream and of course the ever so popular BBQs. But, don't fret! I have put together a simple list to keep you on track!

7 ways to keep the summer pounds off:

  1. When invited to a gathering, or hosting a BBQ of your own make sure to have a fresh bowl of fruits and veggies available to snack on.

  2. Go easy on the condiments. Even if you have a beautiful fruit salad or veggie tray, make sure to limit the creamy dressings you're using. Instead opt for hummus or guacamole.

  3. Be careful not to "drink" your calories. Fruity, delicious drinks are often packed full of added sugar. Instead opt for a hard seltzer - these are great options to limit additional calories and sugar.

  4. Don't skip the ice cream, just think about the size. Many places offer "kid sizes" and that's a great way to practice portion control without deprivation.

  5. Dessert from the grill? Pineapple, peaches, and watermelon are all delicious choices to put on the grill for a healthy, summer dessert.

  6. Skip the bun. When at a BBQ, think about skipping the hamburger or hot dog bun, so you can indulge in dessert or nosh on some chips.

  7. Drink up...water of course! It's so important to make sure that we stay hydrated always, but especially during the hot summer months. Did you know that you're supposed to consume half your body weight in ounces every single day? Often, when we're dehydrated we mistake that for hunger. Keep a cool water bottle near, so you can always grab it for a quick sip! Pro tip: add some fresh cucumbers, berries, or lemon to add a bit of flavor.

Bonus tip: after all that yummy summer food, take advantage of the beautiful weather and go for a walk.



P.S. Are you interested in taking a heart-centered faith based approach to weight loss? Contact me today to set up FREE consultation! Don't wait. Spots are filling up!

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