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Three ways to stay in the present moment

Sometimes when we're dealing with stressful situations (like many of us are on a daily basis) it's easy to miss out on the present moment. Lots of times our mind is filled with "what if" statements for the future, or lots or thinking on what happened in the past. Think about all those "would've, should've, could've" thoughts that you may be having. The problem with both of those scenarios is that we miss out on the present moment that we're living in, so we need to work on getting back to living in the now.

I know what I'm suggesting is much easier said than done. I've lived through many different stressful times during life, and I've had to train myself to learn how to come back to the present moment. I wanted to share some of my best tips with you!

1.Create a mantra for yourself. If you ever find that your mind has wandered into that "worried" state and all you're thinking about is negative thoughts have a mantra that you can go to that brings you some peace. My personal mantra is a bible verse:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

And lean not on your own understanding;

In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He shall direct your paths.

- Proverbs 3:5-6

What could your personal mantra be?

2. Think about your five senses: When you start to find your mind dwelling on things of the past or worrying about the "what ifs" of the future lean into your five senses to bring your back to the present moment:

  • Touch: could you keep something in your pocket to go to? Many people will buy inspirational rocks to keep in their pocket and have something to touch and distract themselves with. 

  • Sound: what do you hear in that very moment? Stretch yourself. Can you hear the birds outside? The hum of the air conditioning unit? Can you turn on your favorite song to lift your mood and break your thought pattern?

  • Smell: our smell is one of our most powerful senses. Take a moment and think about what you smell right then. Aromatherapy can be very powerful. Can you carry some essential oils with you to help lift and change your mood?

  • Taste: do you need a snack? Are you actually hungry, or maybe thirsty? Both can contribute to symptoms of stress and anxiety. Try to carry a water bottle with you and have some healthy snacks available. Nuts and protein bars are great portable snacks. 

  • Sight: take a moment to look at your surroundings. Name 10 things in your mind that you may have not noticed before. 

3. Create a nurture menu: A nurture menu is personal to you. It's a list of items that you know make you feel good. It could be taking a bath, calling a friend, taking a nap, going for a walk, the list is endless. The point is to have one created, so when you find yourself feeling extra stressed out or anxious you can lean into your nurture menu to calm yourself. 

I hope this helps to open your mind to lots of possibilities that will lead you back to the now. You don't want to miss out on what's in front of you :)

Blessings to you and your family!


P.S. If you're feeling like you need more help in this area - check out my coaching services. I'd love to set up a free 50 minute consultation with you!

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